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COVID Guidelines

BOND Events will follow NC Governor orders as relates to safety, hygiene, social distance and crowd permitted. Individuals participating as players, coaches or spectators should wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with warm water/soap as frequently as possible. Hand sanitizer is recommended as well.

  • COVID Pre-Screening: All coaches and student-athletes should be screened for sign/symptoms of Covid-19/fever/flu like symptom.

  • Players should bring their own source of hydration to avoid water fountain usage or the use of team water bottles.


  • Spectators are encouraged to pay admission with exact change.


  • Spectators should do their best to keep distance from others in bleachers and designated seating areas; mask re required inside facilities for all except players in the game.


  • In efforts to support social distance and safe capacity measures, each facility has specific requirements to be monitored by the site director/staff.  Please follow the direction of the site director at the facility you are playing.


  • Disinfectant spray will be utilized by BOND staff.


  • There will be no handshake lines after games. We encourage post game discussion amongst a team to occur outside in the parking lot or outside of the main courts.


  • All officials will have the option (based on NCHSSA ruling for sports) to referee in masks and gloves, with gloves being changed in-between games.

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