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One-Day Tournament RULES


Please check the "Player Eligibility" tab on the header for player grade eligibility information. 

Grade-based divisions shall be used in boys/girls basketball teams.


Tournament Rule & Regulations: PLEASE TRAVEL WITH REPORT CARDS!!!! Grade based on current school year as of Sept. 1st and cannot turn age greater prior to Sept. 1st of the next year.

1. The first team listed is the home team, and the away team is listed last. The home team will wear white (or lighter color jersey), and the away team will wear dark colors. HOME (BOOKS) AWAY (CLOCK, if one is not provided). Home team will be listed on the top and to the left for all brackets and games.

2. Warm-up and Halftime: 3 minutes (any changes may be done at the discretion of the Site Director); Clock starts immediately.

3. Games will be pl
ayed as scheduled. FORFEIT WILL BE BASED ON SITE DIRECTOR APPROVAL’ Teams should arrive at least 30 minutes before game time, but no game will start without the approval of BOTH teams.

4. A 28.5 size basketball will be used for all girls’ games and 2nd thru 6th-grade boy’s divisions.  Boys 7th Grade and older will use a 29.5 size basketball.

6. Players must compete in their own grade classification, with the exception that players in a lower grade may participate in an older division (in the same organization).

7. A player may only play on a team when they are placed on the roster. At the discretion of the tournament director, some age brackets may be combined based on team registrations or level of play.

8. Coaches must check in at the registration table. A maximum of 2 coaches will be allowed free admission. PLEASE HAVE ROSTERS.

9. BOND EVENTS is not financially responsible for forfeits, lost or stolen items.


10. Running Clock: Clock will run with 20pt lead in the 2nd half (including FT); score must be below 10 pts for stoppage—no pressing with running clock.

11. Spectator fee is $20 cash. Cash is the only accepted method of payment for spectator fee.

12. Please be sure to travel with first aid kits in case of any emergencies.


BOND EVENTS: Tournament Rules


NCHSAA rules used with the following exceptions:

1. Games can start with 4 players if both teams (coaches) agree.
2. Each player with foul out after (5) five fouls
3. Length of Game: Two 12 minute halves (all grades and ages)
4. Timeouts: 2 FULL/2 30 Second per game, to be used in either h
alf of the game. One additional timeout for overtime period.
5. Overtime is sudden death (first point wins including free throws)


Pool Play ties will be determined by the following:

1. Head to head competition
2. 20 point max point system (Point Differential through Teams in Tie then All Teams )
3. Allowed (Least points given up)
4. Coin toss

Tie-Breaker Scenarios   (Link to Exposure Tie-Breaker Explantation)

The exposure system is set up with these rules to determine ranking within pool and division:

1. If 2 teams have a tied record after Pool Play, the winner of the head-to-head matchup is awarded the higher seed.

2. If 2 teams did not play head-to-head, Point Differential (see above) is applied to determine seeding.

3. If 2 teams also have the same Point Differential, the team who allowed the least amount of points in Pool Play would be     

         awarded the higher seed. 

       A. Using this formula, there is no benefit to running up the score, rather the benefit is in stopping

         the opposing team from scoring.

4. If 3 teams are tied, head-to-head matchups are irrelevent in determining seed for Bracket Play.

5. If 3 teams are tied, Point Differential is applied

          1st. Team in Tie: Only the games where the 3 teams played each other will count for in this differential. Meaning that if a game was played between one of the teams in the tie and one that isn't in the tie, that game is not used in differential.

          2nd. All Teams: The team with the highest Point Differential is awarded the high seed.

          3rd. Allowed: If a tie in Point Differential exists, Points Allowed (see above) will determine seed for Bracket Play.

Technical Fouls

Each coach or player will be allowed two technical fouls per game. After a second technical foul, players / coach will be ejected from game. After first technical foul, the coach must remain seated for the duration of the game.

Any player or coach receiving an ejection during our tournament is subject to dismissal from tournament without refund. A player will no longer be able to
play or sit on bench with team. Coaching from the stands will not-be allowed. All above subject to the discretion of Site Director.


All protest of opposing team must be done prior to the start of the schedule game, the tournament will charge a protest fee of $120 to acquire all documents. No protest of a team will be allowed after a game has been played. ONLY coaches are allowed to protest on behalf of team.

Rules for Teams and Roster Requirement:

1. Teams are allowed a maximum of 15 players on a roster.

2. A player can play on two teams in the same tournament as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The teams are from the same organization.

  • The teams are not in the same division.

  • The player meets the eligibility criteria for both teams.

  • Once bracket play (elimination play) begins, the player must have played in at least one pool play game in the division in order to compete in that division’s bracket play. A player who has not played in a pool play game is not permitted to compete in bracket play.

3. No additions to a roster are allowed after tournament play has begun.

4. A player MUST play in at least one Pool Play game in order to be eligible for Bracket Play.


Refunds will not be issued after the schedule has been released.

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